Matthew Greenburgh: Narcissus

Liquidambar styraciflua

126x180cm - edition of four plus artist’s proof
63x90cm - edition of 5

This picture is of the two sides of one leaf and hence represents a kind of reflection. Narcissus’ death through vanity seems to be a highly appropriate topic within my overall theme. Leon Alberti wrote in the 15th century that Narcissus was the founder of painting (“the flower of the arts”): “What is painting but the act of embracing with art that which is presented on the surface of a pool?”.

Art as the mirror of nature seems to have been a core belief of the Dutch still life masters. Whilst painting has of course developed in many different directions since then, the phrase is an appropriate description of much photographic art.






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Narcissus, Caravaggio, c.1597-99

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