Matthew Greenburgh: Minelli


Matthew Greenburgh: Falconer

Minelli (left hand side)

Staghorn sumach - Rhus typhina

78x200cm - edition of 4 plus artist's proof
39x100cm - edition of 5

Ludwig Minelli is the founder of Dignitas. Lord Falconer (unsuccessfully) introduced the first Assisted Dying Bill in the UK. This picture seems to me in part like a hero’s shield on a medieval tomb or in a history painting. I intend it to be a kind of homage.
An extract from a letter to The Times during the failed re-introduction of a Bill similar to Falconer’s puts the case succinctly:
“Reform of the law on assisted dying is long overdue if we wish to retain our claim of being a civilised society. Having recently been through the legally available method when attempting to achieve a good death for a loved relative in the UK, I know that the present process delivers an extended, tormenting and undignified end.

The existing route of withdrawal of supporting treatments leaves the individual to die by sequential organ failure due to imposed dehydration; this is a highly unpleasant and inhumane process for all involved. A civilised society would clearly give better legal options and improve the present barbaric practice.” (My bold italics)

However, if you view either of them as facilitating ‘self-murder’ then perhaps you can see this picture as a blood soaked dagger.





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Falconer (right hand side)

Staghorn sumach - Rhus typhina

75x200cm - edition of 4 artist's proof
38x100cm - edition of 5

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