Child With Lamb


Matthew Greenburgh: Child with Lamb

Cut leaf staghorn sumach - Rhus typhina ‘Laciniata’

70x101cm - edition of 4 plus artist’s proof
42x61cm - edition of 5

I came across the photograph opposite (by Andre Kertesz) in John Berger’s essay “The Enigma of Appearances”. Berger argues that it is an exploration of touch – the soft fleece and prickly stubble – and of the paradox of using a flat image in that way. That is a convincing insight, but my personal response is still dominated by the picture's more obvious extreme charm and the poignant sensations that induces – the destiny of the (any) child is indicated by the lamb soon to be slaughtered and the field recently cut.

I have two adjacent main subjects like the Kertesz, with a nod to the point made by Berger in the spikier leaves in the bottom and the texture of the paper behind the leaves.

This theme appears throughout art history – another fine example is by Jacopo Bassano (opposite below).






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Boy with Lamb, Andre Kertesz, 1917



Summer (Sacrifice of Isaac), Jacopo Bassano, c1575

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