Matthew Greenburgh: Assumption

Japanese maple - Acer palmatum

120x231cm- edition of 4 plus artist's proof
60x116cm - edition of 5

The Assumption of the Virgin is a popular choice for artists as a powerful way of conveying the beauty of death for the sinless: the prospect of Heaven should mitigate the effect of the suffering experienced in life. I also want the title to point to the dual meaning of the word assumption: the Christian view of death depends on the assumption, inter alia, that there is a God in Heaven.

Assumption paintings were a good way of filling a vertical space behind an altar and I have adopted the upward rising flow of an Assumption painting. I also hope, through the minimalist style, lacquer-like look and Japanese maple leaves, to make a connection with Japanese Buddhism's assumptions about what can happen after death. Simplifying greatly, there is a prospect of a heaven-like destination (the Pure Land) but the ultimate objective is to achieve Nirvana where any sense of self is quenched.






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The Assumption of The Virgin, Nicolas Poussin, c1632


Maple Leaves, Shibata Zeshin, 19th Century

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